A Model of Water Resources Management in Los Angeles

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Modeling Water in Los Angeles

The history of the growth and development of Los Angeles… reveals its conscious use of water as a tool to build the “great metropolis of the Pacific”
– Vincent Ostrom, 1962

Welcome to the repository for Artes, an integrated model of urban water resources in metropolitan Los Angeles. It analyzes the potential for enhanced local water supplies in LA.

The model is a product of the California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA.

Learn more about LA water management at the The LA Water Hub
Github site:

Cast and Crew

Principal Architect: Erik Porse
Principal Investigator: Stephanie Pincetl
Contributors and Collaborators:
Katie Mika, Mark Gold, Madelyn Glickfeld, and Kartiki Naik at UCLA
Terri Hogue and Kimberly Manago at the Hogue Hydrology Group, Colorado School of Mines
Diane Pataki and Liza Litvak at the Urban Ecology Lab, University of Utah

What’s Here

The repository contains source code, data, and a descriptive manual of the model.

Documentation on model operations, development, and workflow.






This work was supported by the Water Sustainability, & Climate Program at the National Science Foundation (NSF Award # 1204235), the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation, and the John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation.

Citing Research and the Model

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Porse, Erik C., Artes: A Model of Urban Water Resources Management in Los Angeles. UCLA California Center for Sustainable Communities, Los Angeles, CA, 2017; URL: